Meet the Phone Sanitizer You Never Knew You Needed

Are you on your phone right now? If not, you probably have it within arm’s reach. Here’s a not-so-fun fact about your phone: It’s dirty — as in 18 times dirtier than a public restroom. How do our phones get so dirty? Well, whatever germs and bacteria are on anything that we touch — from subway poles to grocery carts and doorknobs to toilet handles — soon gets transferred to our phones. Our phone is practically like a third hand that we never wash. So now that we’re aware of this dirty truth, how do we clean up the mess? Meet the PhoneSoap, a first-of-its-kind phone sanitizer invented by Wes LaPorte and Dan Barnes, who pitched the product on Shark Tank. How does it work? You put your phone inside what looks like a miniature tanning bed. Then, it gets blasted with UV-C light, which kills up to 99.99% of the bacteria living on your phone. After 10 minutes, voila! Your phone comes out as clean as new. The company says UV light is harmless to your phone and encourages you to leave the case on when you sanitize, since that’s full of germs too. The PhoneSoap 3 is PhoneSoap’s basic smartphone UV sanitizer that fits all phone models and sizes. It also doubles as a charging hub with two ports (USB and USB-C) that lets you charge your phone while it’s getting cleaned. You can pick one up for $79.95 on the company’s website.