In Germany and Belgium, It’s Not a Crime For Prisoners to Escape

Escaping once you’re imprisoned is a felony that will likely result in additional time being added to your original sentence. However, if you happen to be imprisoned in Germany or Belgium, you’re in the clear. That’s because in both countries the law recognizes that it's basic human nature to escape and so the act of escaping itself is not a crime. Of course, you'll be punished for any other crimes you commit during you escape. For example, if you break a window and jump out to escape, property damage charges would be added if you're caught. You can add to that stealing prison property, unless you jumped out of the window naked. In reality, it’s nearly impossible to escape without committing a crime and even if you did, you may loose any earned good conduct credits if you're caught again. If, however, you manage to escape without damaging any property and you just happen to have an extra set of non-prison clothes in which to escape, you face absolutely no additional charges if you're caught and returned to the prison. However, the time you spent on the run is not considered part of your jail time, so if you're caught after some years, you'll still have to do the time you have left on the original sentence — no more, no less.