Copper Masks Are the Latest Craze. Should You Buy One?

If you’ve been on the hunt for a face mask lately, it’s likely you’ve stumbled across one that contains copper, and if you’re not dialed into the latest on microbial surfaces, this might raise a couple of questions: why copper and is it worth spending the extra money? The answer is complicated. Copper can destroy bacteria and viruses because it contains positively charged ions that trap viruses that are negatively charged, stopping them from replicating. In fact, a recent study found that copper is effective at inactivating the novel coronavirus within four hours. Unfortunately, most copper masks on the market today are loose-fitting cloth masks that allow particles to enter through gaps in the side. So should you buy a copper mask? If a copper textile has been scientifically evaluated, it could be an improvement on the average cloth mask, but most on the market today have not been studied. If you’re interested in purchasing a copper mask, you need to know what you’re buying and how to properly use it. Do your homework and don’t buy the first mask you stumble across.