British Weather Is the Most Unique In the World

When you think of the weather in Britain, you probably think of fog and rain. If, however, you happen to live there, you're more likely to be reminded of Mark Twain’s quote: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” That's because in Britain, temperature, wind and rain can change by the hour, day by day. While temperatures are fairly mild and there are four distinct seasons, you can also have warm weather in the middle of February and freezing rain in the middle of August…….or both in the same day. So, what makes the weather so distinctly variable? It all boils down to the fact that it’s an island, and where it’s positioned — between the Atlantic Ocean and continental Europe — it's affected by five different air masses. Those air masses are either polar or tropical, depending on where the air mass originated, and they’re divided into maritime or continental, depending on whether the air has passed over land or sea.

All in all, it's quite an extraordinary mix of atmospheric conditions battling it out. The country's fascination with the weather probably won't change, nor will some people's love for it.