A Ring Bought At a Garage Sale For $13 Ends Up Being Worth $960,000

When Debra Goddard attended a garage sale, she probably never dreamed it would bring her the biggest payoff of her life. The 55-year-old paid just $13 for what she thought was a glass ring and then kept it in a box in her closet for the next 33 years. When her mother lost her life savings to a fraud perpetrated by a relative, Debra decided to take the ring out of her closet and have a jeweler appraise it. Hoping it was worth in the neighborhood of $1,000, she was stunned when she was told it was actually a 26-carat gem worth approximately $1 million. The ring sold at Sotheby’s auction house for $960,000. Debra spent a good deal of the money helping her mother out of financial ruin, though she did buy herself a fur coat. Debra is now working on a book that teaches others how to spot valuable items at garage sales and says she will donate the earnings to a children’s charity.