Why Rear Car Windows Don’t Roll All the Way Down

There are many questions in life that don’t get asked, but they’re there in the back of our minds, and every now and then, we wonder. One such question is why the rear windows on many cars only go part of the way down. If you’re one of those folks who’s lying awake at night wondering that very thing, you’re in luck. For years, people have assumed that it’s a safety feature. Maybe it’s to keep little Johnny from flinging himself out of the window when Mom begins singing along with the radio. It turns out that safety isn’t the reason for the partial roll-down at all. The real reason is because of automotive door design. The windows roll down as far as they can before reaching the top of the wheel arch, and then they have to stop because they simply have nowhere to go. So why do some newer cars have windows that actually do power all the way down? One reason is because automakers have learned that customers prefer the windows to go all the way down; the other is that cars continue to get larger, which has allowed automakers to pull back rear wheels and rear wheel arches, providing more space for the rear door and more space for the window to drop. There, now you can rest tonight.