Why Old Apple iBooks Smell Like Sweat

Imagine getting a great bargain on a used Apple iBook, only to open it and be hit in the face with a smell like a man who's been backpacking in the same clothes for a week. It’s actually quite common for a retailer to be questioned about the used iBooks they sell being “stinky.” It turns out that an adhesive used in the labeling and construction of the keyboard would begin to out-gas about 12-18 months after the iBook was manufactured. This gas smells remarkably like ripe, testosterone-enriched perspiration, and the iBook only gets worse with age. The only cure for the stinking defect is to replace the keyboard with a brand-new one at the owner’s expense. However, one curious customer — who didn’t like the idea of getting a great bargain, only to find out he had to shell out more money — decided to come up with his own solution. He decided to remove the label. Bad idea — the smell only intensified. In the end, he purchased a car air freshener and placed it under the keyboard after carefully perforating the label in several places. The end result was an iBook that smelled like sweaty pine trees.