What You May Not Know About the TV Series “Hoarders”

The show Hoarders took the world by storm when it debuted on A&E in 2009. It highlighted a disordered behavior that had yet to be fully shown to the general public. Hoarding, as it turns out, is more pervasive than we ever knew, and can totally ruin lives if left unchecked. What people might not know, though, is that there are people lined up to be on the show, and it’s all because of finances. As a part of the payment for appearing on the show, the network pays for all of the clean-up, as well as the experts and therapists that help the subjects through the difficult time. The clean-outs are enormously expensive, often costing tens of thousands of dollars, with absolutely no cost to the people who appear on the show. In the end, the hoarders are encouraged to continue in therapy and have regular monitoring. Sadly, there’s a pretty serious relapse rate for hoarders who don’t continue with after-show therapy.