This Cat’s Facial Markings Make It Look Super Sad

If there’s only one thing the Internet loves more than cats , it's cats with funny facial expressions. First, we had the iconic Grumpy Cat (R.I.P), then a giant fluff named Meow Meow, followed by Pearl, the famous watermelon supervisor from Thailand. This time, the Internet has gone crazy over a furball from China. His claim to fame is unique facial markings that make him look perpetually sad. A woman named Simpson Xin shared a picture of the cat on social media, and it immediately got two million views. It turns out that the cat is a stray. Xin was unable to bring him home because she already has a pet, but she goes to check on the cat regularly and brings him food. Because of social media’s ability to spread the word, nobody will be surprised if someone ends up rescuing the unusual-looking cat.