The World’s Cheapest Electric Car Can Be Mailed to Your Door

If you’ve been dreaming of going electric, but can’t yet afford to buy a Tesla, you can start low — really low. Changli, the world’s cheapest electric car, will set you back just $930 — $1,200 with larger batteries. The Changli’s electric motor can only produce the equivalent of 1.16 horse power, and it has a top speed of only 18mph. Still, it does come with some interesting features, like air-conditioning, independent suspension, heater, radio and even a rear-view camera. The Changli measures 8.2 feet long, 4.92 feet wide, and 5.9 feet high, weighs 661 pounds and can carry up to 600 pounds. The two-seat version starts at $930, but you can opt for a three-seat version as well, which will set you back $1,500. Of course, the only way to buy the world’s cheapest car is to order it on Chinese marketplace Alibaba and have it mailed to you. While the Changli won’t be going head-to-head with a Tesla anytime soon, it’s still an amazing piece of machinery for less than what you’d pay for a golf cart. Where else are you going to find a functional electric cars with decent features, and that you can have delivered to your door?