The “One-Ring” Cell Phone Scam Can Ding Your Wallet

Scammers are using auto-dialers to call cell phone numbers across the country. They let the phone ring once — just enough for a missed call message to pop up. What the scammers are hoping for is that you’ll be curious enough to call the number back. If you do, you’ll likely hear a message like this: “Hello. You’ve reached the operator. Please hold.” All the while, you’re getting slammed with some hefty charges — a per-minute charge on top of the international rate. The calls are from phone numbers with 3-digit area codes that look like they’re from inside the U.S., but they’re actually from a variety of countries, most often the Caribbean. If you receive a call like this, don’t call the number back. There’s no danger in receiving the call; the danger is in calling it back.