The Candy Bar That Was Discontinued For a Purely Selfish Reason

PB Max is a little known but popular candy bar first produced in the year 1989. The PB Max bar contained a combination of peanut butter, milk chocolate, and cookie pieces. Unlike most discontinued products, sales weren’t a factor in Mars’ decision to stop making it. Instead, it was because the Mars family had a healthy dislike for peanut butter. Nobody knows for sure whether there was a peanut allergy running through the Mars family, or if they all just weren’t fans of peanut butter. Although sales of the bars brought in $50 million, it wasn’t enough to save the candy bar. Fans of the PB Max still won’t let go of their love for the bar. There are blogs online that talk about it, and there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to bringing the bar back. The possibility of Mars bringing back the candy bars is slim at best. It’s likely that it will take a change in leadership to ever make that happen.