Phantom Vibration Syndrome Is a Real Thing

Today, most people have inadvertently become dependent upon cell phones to navigate the world. The increasing usage of cell phones has lead some individuals to experience a phenomenon known as “phantom vibration syndrome” (PVS). It is characterized by an individual falsely perceiving that their cell phone is either vibrating or ringing at a time when it clearly isn’t. Those who experience PVS may be engaging in an activity away from their cell phone, yet believe that it’s ringing. In other cases people may believe that their cell phone is vibrating in their pocket, when it’s not. The phone may be completely off or display no activity, yet the person perceiving the vibration believes they felt their phone vibrating. So what causes PVS? It’s believed that the brain becomes so conditioned to hearing frequent rings or vibrations that it expects more. If you happen to be experiencing PVS and want it to stop, there’s a common sense way to achieve that. To decrease the likelihood that you’ll experience PVS, simply turn off the ring/vibration alerts on your phone and spend more time away from technology.