Man Designs Off-Road Wheelchair So His Wife Can Go Everywhere

Cambry Nelson used to be an international equestrian vaulting star until 2005, when she suffered a spinal cord injury after falling from her horse in a training accident. Since then, she's been restricted to the pavement. When she and her husband Zach were engaged, he decided to splice together two electric bikes with a seat in the center to allow Cambry to go more places. Introducing the “Not-a-Wheelchair” — a fully electric, super quiet bike that can go up to 12mph. It has a range of 10-20 miles with one battery charge, 25-35 with two, depending on the terrain and the weight of the rider. The bike has a rear rack mounting system that can hold wheelchairs, coolers, camping gear, or a picnic basket. The bike was constructed using bike parts, so maintenance and repairs are very easy. It has an aluminum frame, detachable bumper, and four-inch off-road bike tires. The bike fits in short-bed pickups with the tailgate up and also fits Jeeps and Subaru Outbacks. The base model with no suspension and one battery costs $3,750 and can be purchased through the website at