Everyday Things With Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

The things we use in everyday life have become such intrinsic parts of our routine that we don’t even think about them. When was the last time you looked at the pom-pom on your sock hat and wondered what it was for? They might look cute and fluffy, but they actually had a function at one time. French sailors used to wear them so they wouldn’t bump their heads on the ceilings of the ship during rough weather. There are a variety of other things that you may have never even thought about, and here are just a few.

How about college-ruled notebook paper? Have you ever wondered why it has a margin on the left? It turns out that it was designed for the purpose of protecting your work. Earlier on in history, rats were a common resident in many people’s homes, and one of their favorite snacks was your paper. Applying wide margins to paper safeguarded against losing important work by leaving blank spaces around the edges for the rats to chew through first, and to protect the writing on the outer edges from general wear and tear.

You may have a coat with a half-belt, but never thought of it as more than a decorative part of the design. However, they were originally used on oversized military jackets that doubled as blankets to gather up all the extra material so the soldiers could walk without stumbling.

Are you one of those people who chew on the cap of a pen? First off, stop doing that, because it’s a potential hazard. You might swallow it and choke. That’s why the manufacturers put a hole in the end of the cap, so people can breathe in case that happens.

Chances are, the only thing you’ve noticed when looking at the gas gauge in your car is whether it’s closer to E or F. It might surprise you to know that the little arrow that sits on the side of the gas pump icon is to tell you which side your gas tank is on. This comes in especially handy when driving a rental car you’re not familiar with.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying the delicious Swiss candy bar Toberlone, you may have wondered why it’s shaped the way it is. The design of the chocolate bar is actually all about function. The pieces are set in triangles so that if you press on one of them with your thumb, it will snap off easily and leave you with the perfect sized serving.