"The Bold And The Beautiful" Resumes Production…...With Some Help From Blow-Up Dolls And Spouses

Hollywood has slowly been inching its way back toward resuming production on television shows and movies, and it looks like the long-running soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful will be the first scripted series to get back to work. Because of restrictions that are in place due to the ongoing global health crisis, the show has had to get a little creative. The cast and crew of the show will be tested daily for the virus, and masks will be worn whenever possible. Executive Producer Bradley Bell says there have also been other changes. “We were cutting all of the kisses, but the show wasn’t the same.” One solution the team came up with was to have the actors perform intimate scenes … but without a partner. There’s only so much that editing and creative camerawork can do, so the show’s team has enlisted outside help. The spouses will be tested for the virus and if they’re negative, they’ll stand in for some of the more physical scenes. If a spouse isn’t an option, a blow-up doll will be used. Bradley says the show must go on, and they’ll find a way to make it all work.