CorningWare Is Finally Back On the Shelves!

You’re going to want to break out Grandma’s casserole recipes, because Grandma’s favorite casserole dish is now being sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a price so cheap that your jaw will drop. Back in 2017, CorningWare celebrated their 60th anniversary and began selling their signature pattern once again, and now you can get the whole collection for next to nothing. Compared to the average price of these vintage dishes — which can sell for upwards of $7,000 — Bed, Bath & Beyond is selling them for under $50. The CorningWare 6-piece baking set is priced at $49.99. The set has three dishes and three corresponding lids. The Bakeware Collection ranges in price between $9.99 and $49.99, depending on how many bowls you decide to buy. A set of three ramekins is selling for $9.99, and a 3-piece mixing bowl set is $29.99. Baby boomers who received the bakeware as a wedding gift in the 1970s may find themselves doing a double-take in the store when they see the blue and white pattern popping up seemingly everywhere.