Chinese Couple Still Going “Dutch" After 30 Years of Marriage

An elderly Chinese couple sparked a heated online debate after it was revealed that despite being married for 30 years, they still split their finances, household chores, and even the food in their refrigerator. In many parts of the world, going Dutch is considered perfectly normal on dates, but for a couple going on three decades of marriage and having been living together all of that time, it seems a bit odd. Still, for the Chens, splitting everything has been the norm for as long as they can remember. They’re so strict about their choice that even if a light bulb goes out, Mrs. Chen has to ask someone to change it, because her husband won't do it unless it’s on one of his designated ceiling lights. The couple takes turns cooking and can’t use each other’s utensils. Mrs. Chen said their unique arrangement was the consequence of her husband’s selfish behavior and refusal to share. She finally decided to give him a taste of his own medicine, and they’ve been splitting everything since. The couple credits going Dutch for making their life together more peaceful.