Apple Pie Kit Kats Are Hitting the Shelves This Summer

If you’re one of those people who make apple pies for barbecues — particularly for the Fourth of July — then you know how hot it can be in the kitchen with the oven on in the middle of summer. So, in case you’re thinking of taking a break from that sweaty baking session this year, feel free to do so, as Kit Kat is releasing an apple pie flavor that you can serve as a substitute for the real thing. The new flavor has the same iconic Kit Kat wafer, but instead of being covered in the confection’s traditional milk chocolate coating, it's surrounded in an apple pie-flavored white chocolate cream and is layered with a mixture of pie spices. While a lot of people usually associate apple pie with the cooler autumn weather, apple pie Kit Kats are actually perfect for the summer, as they make great toppings for ice cream sundaes and a nice add-on to campfire s’mores. Apple Pie Kit Kats will be available for $1 per pack at retailers nationwide starting in July.