A Treasure Chest Worth $2 Million Was Found in the Rocky Mountains

For the last decade, treasure hunters have flocked to a remote section of the Rocky Mountains in search of a fabled chest filled with gold. The search had gone on for so long that people began to think it was merely a myth. However, last week Forrest Fenn, the Art dealer and author who hid the treasure, announced that it had finally been found. The hunt began in 2010, when Fenn hid the chest and wrote a 24-line poem he shared with the public. The poem contained clues as to the treasure’s location, which was said to be located somewhere north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. While the person who found the treasure wishes to remain anonymous, he did send Fenn a photograph to confirm the authenticity of the find. The chest was filled with coins, gold nuggets, sapphires and diamonds, and pre-Columbian artifacts worth a reported $2 million. Fenn came up with the idea to hide the valuable chest when he was diagnosed with cancer and thought he wouldn’t be around much longer. Needless to say, treatment for the disease worked, Fenn is still very much alive, and somebody out there is $2 million richer.