The Secret You May Not Know About Live Chat

Almost all support live chat systems provide a “sneak peek” feature that allows a customer support agent to see what you're typing in real-time before you submit it. This can work against you if you're negotiating a resolution and type something — however brief — that gets taken the wrong way. Keep your in-progress thoughts outside of the chat and only enter the text you're 100% comfortable with. The most common-sense workaround, of course, is to prepare your thoughts mentally before you begin typing them. That sounds easy enough, but some people actually use writing as a way of working out their thoughts. In this case, that could come back to bite you. In the same vein, if a call center places you on hold, mute your phone as well if you plan to talk about something you don't want them to hear. Just because you're on hold on your end doesn't mean you're on hold on their end. The operator may simply be muted.