Salmon Skin Chips Are Here — Would You Try Them?

Growing up, you might have indulged in the popular snack of pork rinds, enjoying the salty crunch and how they mysteriously evaporate in your mouth. Of course, as we grow older and more health conscious, some people leave the pork rinds behind, opting for healthier snacks. If there’s one thing social media is known for, it’s spurring innovation. That’s why we all knew that a pork rind alternative was inevitable. Now, there’s Goodfish — the aquatic alternative to pork rinds. It’s made with wild caught Alaskan salmon from Bristol Bay. The skins are packed with clean protein, good omega fats, and marine collagen. Goodfish aims to give you all the nutrients, with none of the sluggish carbs. They currently come in four flavors: Sea Salt, Spicy BBQ, Chili Lime and the oddly curious Tart Cranberry and are $25 for an 8-pack, or right around $3 a bag. They are said to have a lighter crisp, but still deliver on the salty and savory. If you’re interested in taking a deep dive into the new snack, you can find Goodfish at your local retailer by checking here.