Photos That Prove That We Aged Faster In the Past

Old photos are a pleasure to look at, seeing how fashion and style trends have changed over the years. One thing that's surprising is how much older people looked in the past than they do now. Did people used to age faster in the past? Here are a few photos submitted by social media users, showing that their relatives looked way older for their age than we do now.

My grandfather at age 17 with his grandmother in 1940

My grandmother at age 16

My Ukranian grandmother in 1927 at age 16

My grandfather at age 16

My grandfather’s World War II photo when he was 18

My grandfather, who was Australia’s youngest radio announcer, at age 16 in 1934

At their wedding, my dad was 21 and my mother was 20

My grandmother and grandfather at age 24

My mother in 1949 at age 16