Family Asks Neighbors To Pick Their Next House Color By Creating a Survey

There’s probably no better time to renovate or remodel your house than during a quarantine. Both out of boredom and with plenty of free time to spare, people are starting to do stuff around the house that they've been putting off for quite some time. Take, for instance, the Landreth family, who decided that it’s time to repaint their house. The family of four quickly realized that it’s not that easy to pick the right color, so they decided to crowdsource the best option by creating an online survey. Not wanting to be the neighbors on the block with an ugly house that everyone has to see everyday, the Landreths decided to ask their neighbors what color they would prefer. While the family was hoping for a few hundred responses, they didn’t expect the sign to go viral. Now, they have over 70,000 responses. The survey asks people to vote from 1 to 5, with 1 being “HGTV Level Amazing” and 5 being “Yuck.” They are allowed to pick from such colors as rocky mountain, wild orchid, good taste, blessed blue, and it’s well. If you want to participate, click here. We’ll let you know what color wins.