Behind South Korea's Obsession with Fried Chicken

Koreans are the undisputed Asian masters of chicken. Whether it's braised in soy, pan-fried in hot pepper sauce, dunked in soup, or deep-fried in oil, Koreans know their stuff when it comes to chicken. Korean fried chicken is lighter than American fried chicken, but in no way does it get the low points on Weight Watchers. Koreans differentiate their fried chicken from the American variety by American chicken's thicker, crispier coating. Korean fried chicken tends to be more papery and less knobby and crumbly. Korean chickens also tend to be smaller than their pumped-up American cousins, and the meal is usually ordered by the bird. One whole chicken, chopped up and fried, costs anywhere from $10 to $15. It's usually dipped in salt, or brushed with hot and sweet sauce. While there are KFC restaurants in South Korea, they always take a back seat to the small fried chicken restaurants on the street.