Things in Your Home That Could Be Spying on You

In the modern home, everything from TVs and refrigerators to baby monitors and light bulbs can now be connected — and hacked. It used to be clear when a break-in had occurred — a window was smashed, or perhaps a door forced open — but today technology is making privacy invasion more insidious. A smart door can be unlocked remotely with no signs of forced entry, cameras can be hacked and homes monitored without user knowledge, and connected refrigerators can be infiltrated to spy on spending and food habits. So, how do you protect yourself from your refrigerator, coffee machine, or any other household appliance? First, use multifactor authentication, which uses two methods of verifying your identification. Aside from your password, you can provide your cell phone number to receive a text with a one-time code. Second, complete security updates, especially on new devices. It may seem annoying, but the updates are critical because they block vulnerabilities. Next, install malware protection. If you don’t want to pay for something like Norton or McAfee, you can get the free version of Malwarebytes or AVG. Don’t use public Wi-Fi, change default usernames and passwords on your devices every few months, and don’t keep your devices on the same network as your main computer.